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The best place to look for future grants, loans, free services, opportunities and other programs that can help in your effort to achieve success in America is in the promises offered by elected officials that run for office. America may be facing what is likely to be our biggest turning point in recent history and both candidates are attempting to show they are best suited to handle this challenge thru their proposed policies and programs.

Below is a comparative listing culled from the both candidate’s proposed new programs. The first group is a one line description of each new benefit program. And the second grouping is a more detailed description of each..

Which one is better.. Read them over and YOU DECIDE…  

Increase Missile Defense
Increase the Size of the Military
Modernize The Military
The Best Military
The Best Intelligence
Keep America Free
Increase Defense Spending On Special Operations, Civil Affairs, Information Operations, Foreign Language Training, Cultural Awareness, and Human Intelligence Rebuild the Military for 21st Century Tasks
Increase Size of the Army by 65,000 and the Marines by 27,000
Establish A Military Families Advisory Board To Alert Policy Makers of Family Concerns
Increase Spending in Airpower Capabilities
Increase Spending On Naval Forces
Increase Spending On National Guard
Build A Civilian Assistance Corps of 25,000 Volunteers
Increase Humanitarian Activities At The Regional and Local Level (he recently announced $2 billion for refugee aid in Iraq)
Discount Gas For The Summer
Lower Payments For People With Mortgage Troubles
Mortgage Abuse Task Force at Dept of Justice
More Discounted Student Money From Federal and State Lenders
Eliminate Alternative Minimum Tax ($60 Billion/Yr)
Raise Personal Exemption from $3,500 to $7,000
Lower Tax Rates For Entrepreneurs
Raise Minimum for Estate Taxes to $10 million and Cut Estate Tax Rate to 15%
Allow Business to Immediately Deduct Cost of Equipment Instead of Over Life of Equipment
Increase Savings By Lowering Taxes on Dividends and Capital Gains
Cut Corporate Tax Rate from 35% to 25%
Permanent Ban on Internet Email Taxes
Permanent Ban in Text Message Taxes
Tax Credit of 10% of Wages Spent On R&D
Better Job Training
Extra Money When Out of Work and a Job Bonus For Getting a New Job
Money To Train For a New Job & Keep Your Health Insurance
Stop Filling Strategic Reserve
End Ethanol Subsidies, Tariff Barriers and Sugar Quotas
One Year Pause On Discretionary Spending
Reform Social Security
Reduce Medicare Spending
Stop Subscription Drug Subsidies to Affluent Individuals
No More Earmarks
McCain Will Balance The Budget
Eliminate Programs That Do Not Perform
Compete Abroad
Help Displaced Workers
Keep A Check on CEOs
Call For National Commission
Policies Would Support Reasonable Growth
Protect Creative Industries
More Resources for the Patent Office
Protect Intellectual Property
Help Resolve Patent Challenges
High Speed Internet for All
Encourage Innovation
Provide an Additional Tax Rebates To American Workers ($20 Billion)
Increased Mortgage Counseling And Refinancing Help ($10 Billion)
Money To State and Local Governments Hardest Hit By Foreclosures To Assistance In Declining Property Values
Temporary Extension of Unemployment Insurance For Those Who Have Exhausted Benefits
$1,000 Tax Credit For 150 Million Working Families
Eliminate Income Taxes For Seniors Making Less Than $50,0000
Simplified Tax Form Will Save $2 Billion In Tax Preparer Fees
Increase Money And Training to Workers Hurt By Imports
Grants To Businesses With New Ideas To Increase Jobs
Double Funding For Free Consulting For Businesses To Improve Their Manufacturing.
$150 Billion in 10 Years To Create 5 Million New Jobs In Green Technologies
Job Training In Green Technology For Disadvantaged Youths and Others
Require 25% Of Electricity To Be From Renewable Sources By 2025
Extend The Production Tax Credit For Renewable Energy Used By Farmers and Investors
A National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank ($60 Billion/ 10 Years)
Double Funding In Basic Science Research
Money To Train For a New Job & Keep Your Health Insurance
Make R & D Tax Credit Permanent
Tax Incentives and Loans To Provide Every Community With Broadband
Eliminate Capital Gain Taxes On Start Up and Small Businesses
Increase The Number of Business Incubators for Entrepreneurs In Disadvantaged Communities ($250 million/yr)
Guarantee The Right To Unionize, and Strike
Increase Minimum Wage to $9.50 By 2011 and Index It To Inflation
New Incentives For Lenders To Buy or Refinance Existing Mortgages and Convert Them Into 30-Year Fixed Mortgages
10% Universal Mortgage Credit (avg $500) For Homeowners Who Do Not Itemize Tax Deductions
Increase Funding To State and Federal Enforcement Agencies To Stop Mortgage Fraud
Create A Simple Standardized Measuring Tool To Make It Easy To Compare Home Mortgages (Homeowner Obligation Made Explicit)
A Fund To Help Innocent Homeowners Avoid Foreclosures
Eliminate The Provision That Prevents Bankruptcy Courts From Modifying an Individuals Mortgage Payments Which Protects The Sub-Prime Mortgage Industry
Create A 5-Star Credit Card Rating System So Consumers Can Easily Understand Major Provisions of a Credit Card Offer
Establish A Credit Card Bill Of Rights: Ban Unilateral Changers, Apply Interest Rate Changes Only To Future Debt, Prohibit Interest on Fees, Prohibit �Universal Defaults�, Require Prompt & Fair Crediting of Cardholder Payments
Cap Interest Rates On Payday Loans To 36%
Encourage Banks And Credit Unions To Make Small Consumer Loans To Drive Unscrupulous Lenders Out Of Business
Create An Exemption In Bankruptcy Law For Those Who Prove They Filed Because Of Medical Expenses
To Expand Family And Medical Leave Act To Cover Businesses With 25 or More Employees (now 50) and to cover Elder Care Needs, 24 Hours A Year To Participate In Children�s Academic Activities, and To Address Domestic Violence
Double Federal Funding For High-Quality After School Programs
Make Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit Refundable and Allow Low-Income Families To Receive 50% Credit For Child Care Expenses
Make Federal Government Model For Flexible Work Schedules
Money To Attend Private Schools
Build on NCLB
High Quality Teachers
Alternative Certification Methods
Bonus for Teachers Who Move To Underperforming Schools
Funding For Professional Development
Empower Principals
Expand D.C. Opportunity Scholarship
High Quality Tutoring
Expand Virtual Learning
$250 Million For States To Do Online Education
$250 Million For Online Courses
Educate Workforce for Innovation Age
Early Learning Challenge Grants To Support Children From Zero to Five
Quadruple Early Head Start
Provide Affordable High Quality Child Care
Increase Funding and Accountability for No Child left Behind
Make Math and Science Education A Priority
Provide Extra Funding To School Districts With High Drop Out Rates
Expand After School Programs
Expand Summer Learning Programs For Disadvantaged Students
4-Year Undergraduate and 2-Year Graduate Scholarships For Those Who Teach In A High Need Field or Location
Teacher Residency Programs That Will Provide 30,000 Well-Prepared Recruits To High Need Schools
Funds to Pair Experienced Teachers With New Recruits and Paid Common Planning To Share Best Practices
Increase Teachers Pay For Those Working In Underserved Areas or Consistently Excel in the Classroom
Eliminating The Financial Aid Application By Allowing Families To Apply By Checking a Box On Their Tax Form
$4,000 Tax Credit for College Education
Grants To Community Colleges for New Degrees And To Increase Transfer Students to 4-Year Schools
Support and Reinvest in Arts Education
Lower Energy Costs
Green Government Purchasing
$5,000 Tax Credit For Buying a Zero Carbon Emissions Car
$300 Million Prize To Invent New Car Battery
Grants For Clear Coal Ideas ($2 Billion/yr)
Cash For Inventing, Improving a Way To Reduce Emissions
Today, Isolationist Tariffs And Wasteful Special Interest Subsidies Are Not Moving Us Toward An Energy Solution.
Use Our Oil Reserves
Drill In The Outer Continental Shelf
Flex Fuel Vehicles
Support Alcohol Based Fuel
Enforce CAF� Standards
Encourage Alternative Energy Development
Improve Electricity Grid
Deal With Oil Speculation
No Windfall Profits Tax
Develop New Technologies
Financing For Green Technologies
Speed Up Development
Use Emission Permits To Deal With Economic Growth
International Action For Global Climate Change
Make A Climate Change Plan
Save The Wetlands
Save Open Space
Continue Space Exploration
Reduce Carbon Emission 80% by 2050
Incentives To Reward Forest Owners, Farmers and Ranchers to Plant Trees, Restore Grasslands and capture Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere
Invest $150 Billion over 10 Years In Clean Energy
Double Energy Research and Development Spending
Job Training For Clean Technology Jobs and a Green Jobs Corps For Disadvantaged Youth
Free Consulting To Help US Industries Produce Green Products
$10 Billion Per Year In Venture Capital For Clean Technologies
25% of Renewable Electricity by 2025
Increase Money Spent Developing Clean Coal Technology
Tax Incentives, Grants and Government Contracts To Develop Cellulosic Ethanol (Biofuels)
Incentives To Expand Locally-Owned Biofuel Refinerie
10% Reduction in the Amount of Carbon Fuels Emits by 2020
36 Billion Gallons of Renewable Fuels by 2022 and 60 Billion Gallons of Advanced Biofuels by 2030
Double Fuel Economy Standards Within 18 Years Using Tax Credits and Loan Guarantees
All New Buildings Carbon Natural or Zero Emissions, 50% More Energy Efficient by 2030, and Set National Building Efficiency Goals
Grants To States and Localities Who Take First Steps To Implement New Building Codes
Investments In Utility Grid To Accommodate Modern Energy Requirements
Stop the Revolving Door and Restore Ethics
Reform Campaign Contributions
Nominate Impartial Judges
Centralized Internet Database of Lobbying Reports, Ethics Records and Campaign Finance Filings
Create An Independent Watchdog Agency To Oversee The Investigation of Congressional Ethics Violations
On-Line Database Showing How Much Government Contractors Spend on Lobbying, What Contracts They Get, and How Well They Complete Them
On-Line Database Of Specialized Corporate Tax Breaks or Tax Earmarks
End No-Bid Contacts On All Over $25,000
End Bills Rushed Thru Congress By Making All Bills Available On White House Web Site for 5 Days Before Signing Into Law
All Congressional Spending Earmarks Must Show Legislators Name and Justification Before Approved By Complete Senate
Periodic National Broadband Townhall Meetings For Cabinet Officials to Discuss Issues Before Their Agencies
Executive Departments and Agencies Will Hold Their Debates In Public or For View On The Web
No Political Appointees Will Be Permitted To Work on Regulations or Contracts Directly and Substantially Related to their Employer For 2 Years and Can Not Lobby The Executive Branch For The Remainder of the Administration
New Government Hires Must Sign A Form Affirming That No Political Appointee Offered Them A Job Solely on the Basis of Political Affiliation or Contribution
Tax Deduction For Adoption Expenses
Secure Our Borders
Penalize Those Who Hire Illegal Immigrants
Reform Employment For Documented Workers
Document Illegal Immigrants
Deal With Those Waiting To Legally Enter The Country
Overturn Roe V. Wade
Protect The Sanctity of Marriage
Address Stem Cell Research By Banning The Use of Embryos Used For Research Purposes
Deal With Internet Pornography By Requiring Schools and Libraries Who Get Federal Aid To Restrict Access To Explicit Material
Protect Children From Online Predators
Protect Our Security and Privacy Online
Expand Earned Income Tax Credit For Minimum Wage Workers and For Workers Paying Child Support
The Size Of Companies Who Have To Offer 12 Weeks of Unpaid Leave To Care For Family Member Will Decrease From 50 Employees To 25 Employees
$1.5 Billion To Encourage States To Offer Paid Leave For Employees Taking Care of Loved Ones ($1.5 Billion)
Expand Working Arrangements for Flexible Work Opportunities
Responsible Fatherhood and Health Families Act To Remove Penalties For Married Families and Crack Down On Men Avoiding Child Support
Assist 570,000 First Time Mothers A Year With Trained Nurses To Visit Low-Income Expectant Mothers
Automatic Workplace Pensions Like Be Direct Deposit IRA Accounts, Employees Can Transfer and Can Opt Out
50% Tax Credit of the First $1,000 of Savings For Families Under $75,000
Reverse Bush Tax Cuts
Support Foster Care System and Implement Long Term Options for Foster Children
$5,000 Tax Credit For Families To Purchase Health Care
Work With States To Make Sure Everyone Can Purchase Health Care
Fund Health Guaranteed Access Plan
Make Insurance Portable
Expand Health Savings Accounts
Lower Drug Costs
Deal With Chronic Diseases BY Emphasizing Prevention, Early Intervention, Health Habits, etc.
Coordinate Care
Increase Access To Walk In Clinics
Allow Doctors To Practice Across State Lines
Reform The Payment System For Medicaid and Medicare
Promote Stop Smoking Programs
Allow State Flexibility In Providing Services
Tort Reform That Eliminates Liability For Doctors Who Follow Clinical Guidelines
Provide More Access To Information On Treatment Outcomes
Improve Long Term Care Needs For More Seniors To Remain At Home
Affordable, Portable, Guaranteed Eligibility Health Care for All Including Self-Employed with Financial Assistance To Those Who Cannot Afford A Plan Similar To That Now Received By Members of Congress
Help People Choose Health Care Options
Employers Required To Contribute To Employee Health Care Or Contribute To National Plan
50% Tax Credit Rebate On Employee Premiums Paid by Small Businesses Who Support for Small Businesses
Mandatory Health Coverage For All Children and Coverage for Children Up To Age 25 On Parent's Plans.
Reimbursement of Certain Catastrophic Health Care Costs For Employers
Require Hospitals To Publish Info About Their Costs, Quality and Errors
Reduce Health Care Costs By Forcing Insurance Companies To Only A Certain Amount Profits and Administration and Allow Americans To Buy Cheaper Drugs Overseas and Repeal Ban That Prevents Government From Negotiating With Drug Companies
Make Mental Health Coverage Comparable To Other Health Coverage
Require Child Care Facilities To Be Lead-Safe Within 5-Years
Provide Health Care to Artists
Subsidize Only Small Farms
Foreign Markets for Farmers
Reduce Trade Barriers
Risk Management for Farmers
Grow Better Crops
$250,000 Payment Limitation To Insure The Family Farms Are Helped and Not AgriBusiness
Protect Independent Farmers Thru Stronger Anti-Monopoly Laws
Establish Country of Origin Labeling So American Producers Can Distinguish Their Products From Imports
Help Organic Farmers Afford To Certify Crops and Reform Crop Insurance To Not Penalize Organic Farmers
New Program To Train Young Farmers and Tax Incentives For Affording First Farm
Increase Incentives For Wetlands, Grasslands, Forest Protection
Small Business Funding For Cooperative Marketing, Farmer-Owned Processing Plants, and Micro-Enterprises
Modernize FCC To Promote Affordable Broadband To Rural America
Ensure Rural Areas Keep up on Renewable Energy Developments
Make Sure Rural Health Care Providers Do Not Get Paid Less For Performing The Same Procedures As In Urban Areas
Money To Encourage Teachers To Work In Rural Communities
Invest In Rural Infrastructure, Roads, Bridges, Etc.
Extra $10,000 For Seniors 55+ To Train For a New Job
Reduce Medicare Premiums By Reducing Health Care Costs
See also Health section.
Increase The Maximum Amount Covered By Social Security (currently $102,000)
Reform Corporate Bankruptcy Laws So Corporations Cannot Issue Executive Bonuses While Cutting Worker Pensions
Eliminate Income Taxes for Lower Income Seniors
Require Full Disclosure of Company Pension Investments
Lower Drugs Costs By Closing The �Doughnut Hole� In the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program
Lower Drugs Cost By Providing Transparency to Medicare Drug Plans
Strengthen Seniors Choices about Their Long-Term Care
Increase Funding For Low-Income Home Energy Assistance
Increase Benefits For Reservists and Guardsmen
Increase Veterans Health Care Benefits
Funding Veterans' Health Care
Expanding Veterans' Access to Health Care
Serving the Special Health Care Needs of Veterans
Health Care for Retired Veterans
Providing Veterans with the Benefits They Have Earned
Caring for Our Disabled Veterans
A Leading Advocate for Gulf War Veterans
Easing the Transition to Civilian Life
Protecting Veterans from Financial Loss
Protecting for the Families of Our Fallen Heroes
Reverse the 2003 Ban On Enrolling Modest-Income Veterans To Receive VA Care
Combat Homelessness among Our Nation's Veterans
Crack Down On Employers Who Commit Job Discrimination Against Guardsmen and Reservists
Demand That The VA and Military Provide Seamless Transition from Active Duty To Civilian Life
Hire Additional Claims Workers, and Improve Training and Accountability so that VA Benefits Decisions Are Rated Fairly and Consistently
Provide Full Funding for the VA
Expand and Strengthen Vet Centers To Provide More Counseling for Vet and Their Families
Increase Spending On Special Care For Wounded Service Members
Improve First Responder Communication
Protect Right To Bear Arms
Law Enforcement Funds Based on Need and Merit
Help For Prisoners
Penalties for those engaged in voter fraud
Protect Right To Bear Arms
End Racial Profiling
Job Training, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling To Ex-Offenders
Eliminate Sentencing Disparities In Crack and Powder Based Cocaine
Drug Rehabilitation for First-Time Non-Violent Offenders
Protect Gun Rights
Conserve and Protect Private Land and Private Landowners
Equal Opportunity
Full Funding Of Americans With Disabilities Act
Expand Early Head Start For Children With Disabilities ($10 Billion)
Screen All Children For 29 Potential Disorders
Increase Enforcement Funding For Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Dept of Labor�s Office of Federal Contract Compliance
A Law To Prohibit Discrimination by Employers and Health Insurers On the Basis of Genetic Information
Guaranteed Health Coverage For People With Disabilities
Increase Mental Health Coverage for Private Health Insurance and For Veterans
Hire An Additional 100,000 Federal Employees With Disabilities
Programs To Help Employers Hire People With Disabilities
Help Employers Take Advantage of Tax Benefits For Hiring People With Disabilities
Business Owned By People With Disabilities Will Be Given Preferences In Government Contacts
Employer Mandate of 7 Paid Six Day Per Year (Only 50% of Private Sector Now Offers Paid Sick Leave)
Protection For Caregivers Against Workforce Discrimination Thru the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Increase The Number of Community Care Opportunities For People With Disabilities and Extend Minimum Wage and Overtime Protection to Direct Care Attendants
A $30/mo National Insurance Program For Seniors To Pay For Modifications and Services To Remain In Their Home
All State Provide At Least One Voting Machine Accessible To Those With Disabilities (Now Over 1/3rd Of States Do Not)
Amend Medicare Rule So People With Disabilities Can Leave Their Home And Not Lose Benefits
A Law That Fosters Using Monitoring and Communications Technology To Overcome Barriers For People With Disabilities
$1 Billion for Autism Spectrum Disorder Research and $350 Million for Treatment and Care
Nothing specific listed on website. See Military section.
Cut Global Poverty In Half by 2015 and Double Foreign Assistance To $50 Billion
See Economy section.
$1 Billion For 5 Years To Train For Transitional Jobs and Career Programs
Help Get People To Work
Create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund for Mixed-Income Neighborhoods
Fully Fund the Community Development Block Grant
Establish 20 Full Service Neighborhoods In High Poverty Areas
Increase Funding In Community Development Institution Fund, Small Business Administration and Other Agencies To Help Economic Development In Low Income Areas
More Funding For Small Business and Internet Access In Rural Areas
Nothing specific listed on website. See economy section.
Expand Americorps from 75,000 to 250,000 to Include Classroom Corps, Health Corps, and Clean Energy Corps
Expand Volunteer Opportunities For People 55+
Double The Size Of Peace Corps To 16,000 by 2001
Establish Best Face America To Send Fluent Speakers In Local Languages
Require 50 Hours Community Service For All Middle and High School Students
Increase Youth Build For 50,000 Low-Income Youth a Year To Learn Construction Skills and Complete High School
American Opportunity Tax Credit of $4,000 for 100 Hours of Public Service
25% of College Work Study Jobs Be Used For Public Service Opportunities Instead of Jobs in Dining Hall and Libraries
Social Investment Network To Use Federal Seed Money For Local Innovation In Non-Profit Activities
New Agency Within Corp for National and Community Service To Improve The Effectiveness Of Non-Profits
Nothing specific listed on website. See Economy or Civil Rights section.
Create A White House Office of Urban Policy To Ensure That Federal Urban Dollars Are Effectively Spent On Highest-Impact Programs
Double Funding For Basic Research, Expand Broadband Technology and Made R&D Tax Credit Permanent
Lower People's Interest Payments by Creating a New Mortgage Interest Tax Credit
$10 Billion In Mortgage Revenue Bond Authority To Refinance Sub-Prime Loans and Mortgages For First Time Home Buyers
Create An Affordable Housing Trust Fund With Small Percentage of Profits Form Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to Develop Housing In Mix-Income Neighborhoods
Require Polluters To Pay For The Cleanup Of Contaminated Superfund Sites
Healthy Places Act Will Help Local Government Access Health Impact Of New Projects Like Highways and Shopping Centers
Competitive Grants To Middle Schools That Will Reduce The High School Drop Out Rate
Programs To Encourage Young People To Enter Law Enforcement Profession
Programs To End Cycle Of Youth Violence Like �Cease Fire� in Chicago, Double Funding In Afterschool Programs, and Invest in 20 Promise Neighborhoods To Provide Meaningful Opportunities for Youth
Address Gun Violence In Cities Repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment Giving Local Law Enforcement Access To Gun Trace Information, Closing Gun Show Loophole and Making Guns Childproof
He Cosponsored Legislation To Ban Racial Profiling.
Allocate Homeland Security Funds Based On Risk and Not General Revenue Sharing
Insure that All Localities Have An Integrated Emergency Response Plan To Handle An Disasters Like Hurricane Katrina
Nothing specific listed on website. See Family or Economy section.
Co-Sponsor of Stem Cell Research Act of 2007 Which Would Allow Research of Human Embryonic Stem Cells Derived From Embryos Donated Form In Vitro Fertilization Clinics
Introduced The Prevention First Act To Increase Funding For Family Planning and Comprehensive Sex Education That Teaches Both Abstinence and Safe Sax methods
Increase Child Support Collection By $4.9 Billion Over 10 Years
Grants To 20 School Districts Across The Country To Develop Innovative Plans In Consultation with Their Teacher Unions
Create Incentives to Use Public Transportation
Support Stronger Rail and Transit Security Programs
Strengthen Core Transit Infrastructure
Create New Jobs through Rebuilding National Transportation Infrastructure
Improve and Modernize Air Traffic Control
Strengthen Airline Safety and Regulations
Support Funding for Amtrak
Support Development of High-Speed Freight and Passenger Rail Nationwide
Provide Air Transportation in Rural Areas
Increase Efforts of Homeland Security Through Better Airport Security
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